Carbon Magics

Success Story

“The way to get started is to take the first step with dream-powered optimism.”

Of late during the Covid 19 pandemic, Carbon Magics has closely worked with leading composite manufacturers and raw material producers to explore a number of ways to reuse the carbon fibre wastes either from the offcuts or out of shelf fabrics. After trials through in-house research and development, Carbon Magics has created a line of imitation jewellery and gifts in the form of funky carbon fibre pendants, key fobs are coaster sets for consumer goods market. These pendants are fabricated using wet layup and vacuum bagging, then accurately machined using water jet cutting. Then, the carved-out pendants and key fobs are carefully hand polished to the highest finish. These recycled and reused carbon fibre pendants have given us a great feel towards meeting our sustainability goals in the best possible way! Visit our store and support our journey.