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Accountants & Product Designers - A thriving startup from Gloucestershire

Business Consultants and Innovators for AgriTech & Assistive Technologies

Engineering R&D

Advanced engineering, design, project management and consulting services for Sustainability, AssistiveTech, Mobility and AgriTech sectors.

Accountancy & Payroll Services

We help your business to be fully compliant with HMRC & Companies House regulations through our end-to-end cloud accounting, VAT & payroll services.

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We provide specialized engineering, technology and business consulting services for all your needs.

Our heritage and experience in advanced engineering and technologies can be widely applied in many other distinct fields, such as AgriTech, AssitiveTech, Cleantech and Digital technologies. We have access to subject matter experts and academic ecosystem innovators throughout the world to cater various research, new product development and consultancy services for our clients working within sectors such as AgriTech, composites, telecommunications, space industry, navigation, and aviation, sustainable energy, medicine, food, bioengineering, etc. In order to shine beyond our opponents, we constantly maintain our development and research in digital engineering, data science, artificial intelligence as well as advanced materials such as carbon, graphene and natural fibres.

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Carbon Magics is a family owned company offering engineering, research, technology, new product development, and accountancy & payroll services. Our capabilities range from CAD, FEA, R&D, data science, AI and Agritech to Zero carbon and sustainability calculations. Our consultants are members and fellows of professional bodies such as Royal Aeronautical Society, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Association of Accounting Technicians and Institute of Accountants and Bookkeepers. With such strong experience and professionalism, we can also offer International trade and supply chain services between UK and India.

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Through collaborations with various higher education institutions and other start-ups & well-established corporates, Carbon Magics is offering a best-in-class technology research and product development that involves multiple disciplines of complex nature. Hence, we are always open to strategic partnerships in areas such as CAD, FEA, CFD, CAM, digital twins, life cycle cost assessments, sustainable materials, data science and project management. We are a fully licensed accountants and also offer continuous professional development and leadership coaching.

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Carbon Magics has provided me with a start to end solution for my business. I will keep working with them in Future.
- Peter Bond

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